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Eyestone-guitars are handmade and outstanding acoustic guitars made by designer Leonhard Augenstein.
With the body, the dipl. designer and self-taught guitar maker shapes also the sound of his guitars and focuses on the harmony of design and tone of an acoustic guitar. The main interest on every instrument is to bring tone, playability and design of the guitar to a whole unit.
The development and building of unique models in engagment with the individual items of a guitar is always the priority of Leonhard Augenstein. But also guitars following the traditional patterns like  Dreadnaught, OM-Modell or Tripple-O are built by him on the highest stage.
The application of the best woods and materials is obvious like their professional technical use. The claim of Augenstein is very simple: every guitar has to be at highest quality and unique.
The models A and the models B are his own designs. Details and forms of traditional guitar bodys were modificated for the development of stand-alone and new corpus shapes. The most significant change has been done to the traditional bridge designs, which has become the new eyestone-bridge. The world famous German professor in acoustics Mr. Juergen Meyer found out in the 80`s, in extensive testings, that this kind of bridge would be very positive for the overall sound of acoustics guitars.
This bridge is distinguished through a striking and independent shape. The eyestone-bridge rises, by the simultaneously modification of other details, the sound quality of the guitar. Through this, the sound is a special characteristic of the eyestone-guitars.
More details and considerations that are basic for the building of a eyestone-guitar can be found in design basics.